Saturday, July 01, 2006

WHOA!!! The Avalanches!

For about a year, months, days and hours i've been looking for a clip and its artist and couldn't find any bit. recently i've posted a journal at Deviant Art which i am a member of, asking for some information.

----music video was this: there are two man, miners, dig a tunnel, and they reach the surface, they realize they're on a sort of dance floor. there are two girls dancing and one of them, the fat one, quickly goes with the flow, but the other one is shy and only watches.----

the names in my mind were fatboy slim or chemical brothers for only they might do a clip like that. a friend mentioned basement jaxx. but still no sources i could find anywhere.

Finally today, somebody came from heaven and saved me from this clip crisis! she (xiotima) said it's "The Avalanches" and the song is "Since I Left You"!!!
That's it folks, thanks to xiotima we know the video is "Since I left You" of "The Avalanches"!!
here are some screen shots:

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