Thursday, July 06, 2006


he is 1 year old!! His name is MİNGUS!
name story: at the beginning it was meant to be Domenico, Domingo, Domingus or something, because he was found at our doorstep on a sunday evening. By the time the word changed to mingus which is easier to say. It is also the last name of a big musician "Charles Mingus". poor little mingus seemed so thin and tired, the next day we took him to the vet. actually he was very sick due to his parasites.

he was this big when he arrived, and was sleeping for he was ill

Now he is very strong and playful cat. we used to play with him like a dog, we throw balls and he took em back to us in his mouth!!!

in the garden he is very happy, catches anything thrown and climbs trees

we threw balls higher, and he'd catch them up jumping very high levels in the air. now he is a real garden cat, goes out in the morning and comes back at night.

in the meantime he developed an interest against computers, he was sleeping with the buzzing noise of the laptop

now his paws and arms and head and all, are way too big according the times when he first arrived. I'm not putting the picture of his bum not to offend him :P

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